Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cleaning house ... and starting a writing blog

Welcome to my new website!!

I'm doing a little online spring housecleaning - way overdue - and I've decided to reorganize my blogs just a bit. 

Right now, you're on my main site - you can  get to the other blogs from here, and feel free to click around! But here is where I'll be posting more general topics on reading, writing and publishing.

My other blog,, will still focus on kids and family life, and I'll use my book blog,, to talk about the Death on Deadline series - particularly since I'm working feverishly on a sequel, tentatively titled Paper Cut.

Many thanks to my friend Erin Scheffler for helping me put this together.  Without my techie friends to help me, I hate to think where'd I'd be.

Anyway,  if you're a writer or avid reader, I hope you'll give me a follow, or just check in from time to time.  After all, any friend to books is a friend of mine.

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