Monday, April 2, 2012

Riddle me this: How is indie publishing like Weight Watchers?

After I had my first baby, I joined Weight Watchers. And it's a perfectly good weight-loss program. But like any other program, you tend to look at your numbers.

That's what made me think of it the other morning, when I sleepily logged on to, just like I do every morning to check on my book sales. But this morning, I stopped myself.

Again, I thought, I was becoming obsessed by my numbers. Again, I thought, I was missing the point.

When I was at Weight Watchers, I wasn't concerned about making friends or learning smart nutrition or doing any of the good things they teach you to do. No, I wasn't exactly a poster child. I just wanted to weigh in. I only wanted the gratification of seeing the numbers on the scale. I wasn't really learning anything - I knew I'd likely pig out at Taco Bell after weigh-in. And then I'd start all over. But only because of the numbers.

It took me awhile to figure out what I was doing wrong - and to finally not let that scale rule my life.

And I wondered the other morning if I was doing the exact thing again - only this time with my publishing numbers. Was I even having fun with my writing anymore? Or was I letting those numbers get the upper hand?

Sure, I want to make sales - what published author doesn't? But first and foremost, I write to write. That's what I need to focus on, and that, I told myself, is what I will. I'll check my numbers, of course. But I'll try not to obsess.

I'll write.

And afterwards, maybe I'll head out for a little treat - just a little one, mind you -  at Taco Bell.

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